Featured Speaker - Tony Shetter



Tony grew up on a dairy farm in southern Pennsylvania with aspirations of taking over the dairy operation upon graduating high school. However, God had other plans. During his 11th grade year, it became clear that God was calling him into ministry. 

He graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a BS in Bible in 1998 and from Dallas Theological Seminary with a ThM in Academic Ministries in 2005. Currently, he is working on his dissertation to complete his PhD in Old Testament Studies at DTS. 
He enjoys teaching the Bible, especially the Old Testament, in its literary and historical context, while making it relevant for today. He has presented several papers at the annual conference of the Evangelical Theological Society.
Tony is married to Michelle Bly, also a graduate of DTS. Together, they enjoy doing various kinds of creative ministries.

Saturday (October 21)
Sunday (October 22)

10:00 AM Session 1: Introduction to Bible Prophecy

11:00 AM Lunch Provided Register Here

12:00 PM Session 2: Understanding Bible Prophecy

9:30 AM Session 3: Daniel’s 70 weeks

10:45 AM Session 4: Daniel, Example for Our Days

6:00 PM Session 5: Eschatology